Ph.D., LL.M. / Antitrust Law & Innovation


My most recent publication:
Computational Antitrust: An Introduction and Research Agenda


I am an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University School of Law, and a Faculty Affiliate at Stanford University’s CodeX Center where I have created the “Computational Antitrust” project that brings together over 55 antitrust agencies (see our website). I also hold research and teaching positions at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Sciences Po Paris, I am a Harvard University’s Berkman Center alumnus, a member of the French Superior Audiovisual Council’s scientific board, and an expert appointed to the World Economic Forum.

In 2018, I was granted the “Academic Excellence” Global Competition Review Award, which recognizes “an academic competition specialist who has made an outstanding contribution to competition policy.” I have published a book (Bruylant ed.) on the subject of “predatory innovation in antitrust law” and articles at Harvard University, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, NYU, Berkeley, and Georgetown, among others (see here). I am the Concurrentialiste Review’s creator.

These last couple of years, I have been focusing most of my research on blockchain antitrust (see here). I have written the world’s most downloaded antitrust articles of 2018 (“The Blockchain Antitrust Paradox”), 2019 (“Collusion by Blockchain and Smart Contracts”), and 2020 (“Blockchain Code as Antitrust”). In July 2020, I ranked 17th on SSRN in the category “Law.” Last but not least, I am passionate about nineties rock music, free jazz, Seinfeld, and B movies.