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  • Schrepel, T. (2018) ‘Predatory innovation in high-tech markets: cross-analysis in European and North-American antitrust law’ Larcier Press


Book Chapters:

  • Schrepel, T. (2018)Digital Markets in the EU’ Radboud Economic Law Series, Wolf Publishers (Forthcoming)
  • Schrepel, T. (2018)Legal innovation’ European Center of Law and Economics, ESSEC (Forthcoming)


Academic Articles:


  • Schrepel, T. (2018) The “Enhanced No Economic Sense Test”: Experimenting with Predatory Innovation Accepted for publication (Forthcoming)
  • Schrepel, T. (2018) The Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ is Neither Better Nor a Deal (with D. A. Crane) New York University Journal of Law & Business (Forthcoming)
  • Schrepel, T. (2017) Predatory Innovation: A response to Suzanne Van Arsdale & Cody Venzke Harvard Journal of Law & Technology (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2017) Predatory Innovation: The Definite Need for Legal Recognition SMU Law Review (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2017) A New Structured Rule of Reason Approach for High-Tech Markets Suffolk Law Review (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2015) Towards a Global Patent Arms Race Journal of World Economics (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2015) Friedrich Hayek’s Contribution to Antitrust Law and Its Modern Application Global Antitrust Review (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2014) Patent Privateering – Patents as weapons University of Cincinnati Law Review (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2014) Section 5 of the FTC Act through European Guidelines European Competition Law Review (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2013) Patent Troll Through the US and EU Antitrust Law European Competition Law Review (link)


  • Schrepel, T. (2017) Thoughts on the optimal duration of patents: a legal regime protecting innovation? Industrial property, LexisNexis, n°5 (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2017) Short Guide on “Predatory Innovation” for Business Leaders Polytechnique X, Revue Libellio d’AEGIS (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2015) Disruptive Innovation: New Challenges for Antitrust Law Revue Lamy de la concurrence (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2013) The EC Fines Banks for Participating in Cartels in the Interest Rate Derivatives Industry Concurrences (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2013) Facebook, Social Networking and Antitrust Law Contract & Competition Law Review (link)
  • Schrepel, T. (2012) Competition Law and Banking Law Through Bank Charges Banking Law Review


Revue Concurrentialiste:

Founder and editor of the website/Law Review Revue Concurrentialiste (ISSN 2264-0975) (link). More than 60 articles written including:

  • The Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ is neither better nor a deal (co-written with Daniel A. Crane) (link)
  • Here’s why algorithms are NOT (really) a thing (link)
  • Consultation on competition law (link)
  • Statistical analyzes of the effect created by the sanctions pronounced by competition authorities (link)
  • Applying the Neo-Chicago School’s framework to high-tech markets (link)
  • Are patents a necessary evil? (link)
  • The settlement transaction before the European Commission (link)


Op-ed opinions:

  • Schrepel, T. (2017) Predatory innovation: start lawsuits! (french) (link) Harvard Business Review
  • Schrepel, T. (2017) Is Apple’s iOS 11 anti-competitive? (french)  (link) Interview for Atlantico
  • Schrepel, T. (2017) From Microsoft to Google: eyes wide shut on predatory innovation? (english) (link) CPI
  • Schrepel, T. (2017) Predatory innovation, an anti-competitive practice! (french) (link) L’Opinion
  • Schrepel, T. (2017) Here’s why algorithms are NOT (really) a thing (english) (link) Competition Policy International
  • Schrepel, T. (2017) Thoughts of an Nobel in Economic Science on competition policy (french) (link) GenerationLibre
  • Schrepel, T. (2016) Does the European Commission really understand the stakes of e-commerce? (french) (linkInterview for Atlantico (November 2016)
  • Schrepel, T. (2015) Sovereign patent funds: patent arms race and protectionism (french) (link) GenerationLibre
  • Schrepel, T. (2015) “Perfect Competition” and Antitrust (english) (link) Mises Institute
  • Schrepel, T. (2014) Patent Privateering – Patents as weapons (english) (link) Centre for Policy Studies
  • Schrepel, T. (2014) Is Europe against Google? (french) (link) Interview for Atlantico
  • Schrepel, T. (2014) France Brevets: A State-owned patent troll, harmful… and illegal? (english) (link) New Direction
  • Schrepel, T. (2013) Antitrust agencies must not yield to the temptation of protectionism (french) (link) GenerationLibre
  • Schrepel, T. (2012) Antitrust Law and Entrepreneurial Freedom (french) (link) Les Echos



  • Schrepel, T. (2017) Antitrust Conversations with Distinguished Experts (english) (link) Revue Concurrentialiste
  • Schrepel, T. (2016) International Business Law Journal (2013 – 2016) (english) (link) Thomson Reuters
  • Schrepel, T. (2015) Antitrust Letter (monthly publication, 2013 – 2015) (english) (link) Revue Concurrentialiste
  • Schrepel, T. (2015) The Private Advertising Litigation and Consumer Protection Committees #130 to #150 (english) (link) American Bar Association



  • Chair of the 3rd Abbé Grégoire Innovation Days – Paris, France, 2018 (link)
  • Second Annual Conference of the French Association for Law & Economics – Aix, France, 2017 (link)
  • 4th TILEC Media and Communication Workshop – Tilburg, Netherlands, 2017 (link)
  • 2nd Radboud Economic Law Conference – Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2017 (link)
  • Economic Regulation and Competition Policies, World Economics Association, 2017 (link)
  • First Biennial Meeting of Young Competition Scholars – Lecce, Italy, 2017 (link)
  • Selected for the European Policy for Intellectual Property conference – Glasgow, 2015
  • Selected for the Regulations and Public Policy – Singapore, 2015




  • Predatory innovation: start lawsuits! (linkHarvard Business Review (October 2017)
  • Predatory Innovation: The Definite Need for Legal Recognition (linkSMU Science and Technology Law Review (July 2017)
  • Predatory Innovation: An Answer to Suzanne Van Arsdale & Cody Venzke (linkHarvard Journal of Law & Technology (June 2017)
  • From Microsoft to Google: eyes wide shut on predatory innovation? (linkCompetition Policy International (July 2017)
  • L’innovation prédatrice, une pratique anticoncurrentielle (link) (frenchL’Opinion (July 2017)
  • Petit précis sur l’ « innovation prédatrice » à l’usage des dirigeants d’entreprises (link) (frenchRevue Libellio d’AEGIS (March 2017)