Thibault Schrepel website

Official Bio: I have a Ph.D. in antitrust law (US & EU) as well as an LL.M. degree. In addition to being a practitioner, I write on antitrust law issues in a number of law reviews, including at Harvard, NYU, Oxford, SMU, Suffolk and Queen Mary. I focus most of my writing on high-tech markets and on issues dealing with innovation. I am convinced that law & economics has a lot to teach us in the future, and lastly, I created the Revue Concurrentialiste.

Less official bio: I am a regular reader of TechCrunch but I do not wear bifocal glasses (although I have nothing against people wearing them), I played tennis for years but I quickly understood that I will never be a professional because I enjoyed drop shots way too much (I have nothing against people who dislike them), I listen to the music whenever I can – especially rock, blues and jazz – but I am unable to play anything other than some Rolling Stones (although I have nothing against the Beatles or any obscure band from the 60s), lastly, I began to specialize in American literature but I end up watching B-series movies most of the time.