Ph.D., LL.M. / Antitrust Law & Innovation


MY BOOK: “Blockchain + Antitrust: The Decentralization Formula
(September 2021 – Edward Elgar Publishing)


I am an Associate Professor of Law at VU Amsterdam where I co-direct the Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute, and a Faculty Affiliate at Stanford University’s CodeX Center where I have created the “Computational Antitrust” project that brings together over 55 antitrust agencies. I also hold research and teaching positions at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Sciences Po Paris, I am a Harvard University’s Berkman Center alumnus, a member of the French Superior Audiovisual Council’s scientific board, also, a blockchain expert appointed to the World Economic Forum and the World Bank.

In 2018, I was granted the “Academic Excellence” Global Competition Review Award, which recognizes “an academic competition specialist who has made an outstanding contribution to competition policy.” I have published a first book (Bruylant ed.) on the subject of “predatory innovation in antitrust law” and articles at Harvard University, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, NYU, Berkeley, and Georgetown, among others. I am the Concurrentialiste Review’s creator.

These last couple of years, I have been focusing most of my research on blockchain antitrust. I have written the world’s most downloaded antitrust articles of 2018 (“The Blockchain Antitrust Paradox”), 2019 (“Collusion by Blockchain and Smart Contracts”), and 2020 (“Blockchain Code as Antitrust”). Finally, you may find me in places where one listens to nineties rock music and free jazz or watch Seinfeld and B movies.