Less formal biography

I am an avid TechCrunch’s reader but I don’t wear bifocals (although I don’t have anything against people who wear some), I practiced tennis at a national level but I quickly understood that I would never be professional because I had developed a taste for drop shots (I don’t have anything against drop shots), I listen to music as much as possible – especially rock, jazz and blues – but I’m unable to play anything other than some of Pavement’s songs (although I don’t have anything against the Beatles or the dark bands of the ’70s), lastly, I set out to specialize in American literature but I almost always end up watching B-series films.

Feel free to contact me about these “other” areas of interest, especially Jack Kerouac or Seinfeld 😉.

Writing of the new edition of "Franchise et Partenariat", ed. Dunod

"Expert" for the think tank Generation Libre

Active member of the "French Association for the Study of Antitrust Law"

Member of The International Legal Honor Society of Phi Delta Phi

Member of the Stanford Philosophy Society

Passion for independent music: rock, blues, jazz

American literature of the 20th century ("Beat Generation")

Cinema of Richard Linklater, Whit Stillman, Stanley Kubrick, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm

Practice of tennis for 15 years